original music and philosophy
Grandpa Jon

singer ~ songwriter ~ storyteller ~ sage

performing professionally since 1964

(note - "I was just a kid!")

Jon David Miller
original music
with influences of folk, blues, jazz & country
acoustic songs & instrumentals with guitar and harmonica
insightful lyrics and stories of life, people, change and renewal
"a breath of fresh thought"

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Grandpa Jon David Miller is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and humorous philosopher, who has performed all over the eastern and southern United States, from Maine to Florida to Texas, including New York City, Hartford, Boston and Cleveland.

Jon's roots are in folk music and blues with influences of jazz and country, as well as in philosophy, human nature, personal growth, natural health and teaching.

His education and life experiences have been varied and valuable.

Jon's performing has evolved over many years to have unique qualities, with thoughtful, meaningful songs that are well-liked by nearly everyone.

He offers a range of insights, stories and well-crafted original songs including a variety of themes: story songs, nature songs, songs of love, change, human growth and social issues. These songs express many of the thoughts, images and feelings of life.

When performing live, his imaginative songs and stories, valuable knowledge, insightful philosophy, pleasing baritone voice, crisp delivery, good sense of humor, and inclusion of sing-along songs, combine to provide "a breath of fresh thought" to receptive listeners.  

People enjoy Jon's ability with playing harmonica and guitar together.

Jon is from Akron, Ohio, where he began performing as a teen in the 1960's. He performed regionally with the Jaterudy Singers, including on Akron's WAKR TV and their area "Road Show".

He graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with a degree in economics and philosophy, then taught one year for Hocking County Schools before moving to the east coast for graduate work in religion, Jungian psychology and counseling, with more professional performing in the 1970's.

Jon teamed with fellow student Kenneth Dale Taylor from Corpus Christi, Texas, as a creative acoustic duo named "Misty Mourning". They performed at colleges, schools, public concerts, night clubs, and other events, all over New England, including The Metro, a well-known, popular New York City night club.

Later Jon moved back to Ohio where he has been for many years. He has continued performing concerts and other gigs at numerous venues.

He toured for two years out of Athens, Ohio, with the Deer Hill Folk Tellers of the Appalachian Ohio Storytelling Project. This troupe of talented storytellers and musicians traveled around Ohio and West Virginia sharing Appalachian stories and songs.

Jon has performed on radio and television, as well as at Yale University, the University of Vermont, Kent State, the University of Akron, Mount Union, Ohio University and many other colleges.

He has also entertained at a variety of festivals, conventions, special events, arts centers, libraries, churches, schools, coffee houses, night spots and more.


In addition to his recording on cd, It's About Time, Jon presents a unique special live performance of songs and stories.

Jon has also prepared a valuable personal improvement workshop that can be presented by special arrangement.


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On most of the songs on the cd record, Jon is accompanied by one or more other musicians:


Jon's daughter, Angela, is a graduate in vocal music of the Performing Arts Program at Firestone High School, the magnet arts school for the Greater Akron area.  As a teen she was also a member of the Summit Choral Society's renowned Touring Ensemble which performs all over the world. She toured in Italy and China with that chorus.

Angela also studied in vocal music at Kent State University. Her beautiful voice and adept harmonies, as well as her skill on flute, combine to add an intriguing dimension to the recording.

Adam Miller, Jon's son, often performs on percussion.   His first teacher was Jon's friend, legendary local expert percussionist, Bill Roth, until Bill's passing.


Adam's work on drums, Congas and other percussion instruments, accentuates the music with interesting rhythms.

Michelle Gippin has played keyboards for over 50 years, mastering various styles.

She performed with Jon for more than 13 years at a local church. Her lovely alto voice makes a nice complement on the album.

Songwriter and acoustic musician, Michael Grady, is one of the outstanding performers in northeastern Ohio. He is a top guitarist and teacher, who is also a specialist in recording.

His outstanding ear, his sense of musical composition, and his instrumental and recording skills, insure a superior recorded production at his studio. His own performances and recordings are remarkable.


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Here are some of the places Jon has performed over the years:

Akron, Ohio area: The University of Akron, WAKR TV, Summit County Fair, First Night Akron, The Porch Rocker Festival, The Highland Square Festival, Akron Public Library, Quaker Square, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, The Berth Coffeehouse, The Tangier, The Northside, Musica, Mocha Maiden, The Mustard Seed, Scott's Folkatorium, Arabica Coffee, The Sweet Pea, The Nervous Dog

Kent, Ohio: Kent State University, Kent Fest, The Red Radish Restaurant, The Zephyr, Captain Brady's, Susan's Coffee and Tea

Athens, Ohio: Ohio University, The Front Room, Donkey Coffee, The Athens Farmers' Market, The Paw Paw Festival, Athens Public Library, The Eclipse Company Store

Elsewhere in Ohio: Mount Union College, WEWS TV in Cleveland, The Taste of Hudson festival, Village Productions in Amesville, The Spirited Goat Coffee House in Yellow Springs, Coffee Corners in Burton, Sonnet's in Wadsworth, The Riverfront Coffee Mill in Cuyahoga Falls, Cuyahoga Falls Library, Coolville Library, McArthur Library

Connecticut: Yale University, Wesleyan College, Fairfield College, in Hartford: University of Hartford, Trinity College, Hartford Seminary, Center City Churches, Inner Spaces Coffeehouse, Wooden Ships Community Arts Forum, Hartford City Parks

Massachusetts: Bridgewater State University, Wellesley College, Amherst College

Maine: Maine Maritime Academy, Bates College

Other States: University of Vermont, Brown University (Rhode Island), Baylor University (Texas), The Metro, (New York City night club), and many other colleges, schools, churches, fairs, festivals, coffeehouses, night clubs, radio, television and other events from New England to Florida -- Ohio to Texas


"One of the Best Performers we've had here."  -- Sue Lange, Director, Wooden Ships Community Arts Forum, Hartford, Conn.


"We Love You Here!  We Want You Back Again!" -- Steve Cox, Student Entertainment Council, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

"The students enjoyed your concert VERY MUCH!"  -- Student Entertainment Committee, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio


"We appreciate your inspiring work with children as well as adults." -- Rev. David King, Director, Center City Churches, Hartford, Conn.


"You are writing some great songs!"  -- Dennis "Doc" Hult, Professional Folksinger & Songwriter

“Near the top of those performing here.” Scott Fetterolf, Scott’s Folkatorium, Akron, Ohio


". . . each song a masterpiece." --  Ann Morrison, Artist


Please call at your convenience for booking.

Grandpa Jon
storyteller & sage
"a breath of fresh thought"
original music, stories & philosophy



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